Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bluegrass Jam Sessions
We have listed on our site several places to go locally for bluegrass jam sessions. A bluegrass jam session is when a group of people gathers together to play, and most of the time you play traditional bluegrass songs that everyone should know. You just gather around in a circle sometimes sitting, sometimes standing, and each one will take a break on his or her instrument should he want to. It can be a beginner to professional in this voluntary group. If someone knows the words they can sing and if you can sing harmony, you can join in on the chorus. In doing this you use courtesy to let others take a break on their bluegrass instrument. If there is a lot of people you can break out into smaller groups and spread out. This is a good place where one can come and learn how to play a bluegrass instrument and also learn the traditional bluegrass songs. At most bluegrass festivals and fiddlers conventions you will find many bluegrass jam sessions going on all around the campsites. So get together and have some fun. Playing bluegrass music or being in a bluegrass band is a very fulfilling pastime. You meet a lot of down to earth people and it is not limited. I have jammed with doctors and lawyers and professionals around the campfire several times. People from all walks of life coming together to perform.

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